Welcome to Blackbird Learning Associates

At Blackbird Learning Associates, our goal is to make the job search easier. We know that the stress of a job loss and the thought of starting over can be overwhelming.  A line in the song, “Blackbird” by John Lennon and Paul McCartney so poignantly says “Take these broken wings and learn to fly.  All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise.” We understand what that means.

We run a job search flight school.   We provide the training, tools and encouragement that allow people to reach their potential and take flight in their careers. Our company has two focuses, the individual job seeker and the organization forced to let go of valuable staff.

For the individual job seeker we offer training and resources to help make the transition easier. Our services include individual and group training in career assessment, resume preparation, interviewing and networking.  We also provide specialized classes in job search for older and younger job seekers and assistance with creating a LinkedIn profile. We provide the latest job search tools and techniques along with  job search coaching.

For the organization seeking outplacement training services, we offer job search training and resources for your displaced staff. Our services include a range of individual and group training and coaching services, tools and techniques. We will work with you to identify your organization’s outplacement needs and design a program or job search series suited to your unique needs.

Our empathy and customer focus combined with our understanding of adult learning processes and tools have allowed us to provide customized, personable service.