Rave Reviews

Client Feedback

” I just wanted to send you a quick note to THANK YOU and your company, Blackbird Learning Associates, LLC. I don’t know that I could have secured the job if it wasn’t for all your expertise in the field of Interviewing and recruitment–not to mention all the other great advice you gave me.  I have never been so prepared for an interview as I was for the series of interviews I had for this job.  Don’t get me wrong,  I have always been prepared but the extent of my preparedness (with your recommendations) was off the charts this time.  There is something to be said about taking the time to “do your homework” and find the best interview questions to ask the employer and find out all you can about the Company you are interviewing with.

As you know, this company did the Star Method with a panel for recruiting and had I not have been so prepared with reviewing the types of questions and answers, I don’t know that I would have been their ideal candidate.  I also must share with you that as a result of all of my research and preparedness, I walked into the interview with an amazing professional amount of confidence.  I also enjoyed personalizing each thank you letter with notes I took based on what that particular interviewer spoke about during the inteviews.

Thank you for all the information you provided me on negotiating salary as well.  You are so right, it’s so important to negotiate and show that you know your worth.  As a result, even though I negotiated on the higher end they still proposed a higher salary for me that I could have expected.  I have never felt so great about an interviewing experience.  There is something to be said that even though you have the most experience for a position doing your homework on a company and for an interview makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE.  Once again, THANK YOU!!!!!”

“Thank you for the fantastic resources. Your personality coupled with your expertise are both encouraging and uplifting and I thank you for this.”

“I have to say, I wasn’t expecting much from a free seminar at the library and I left with tons of useful information and a much more hopeful outlook about the possibilities. The information you gave us was practical and do-able and gave me a huge boost as I move toward the next phase of my life.”

“Thank you for a great, enlightening seminar. Best I’ve been to yet on the subject.”

“The resume is a piece of art!!! I went from a stick figure drawing resume to artwork from Picasso!”

“I am now a Nancy Anderson groupie!”

“I am really inspired by your focus and support of others.”

“Nancy, your workshop last night was extremely worthwhile. I appreciate your sharing of knowledge, your down-to-earth delivery, your generosity and this wonderful follow-up email.”

“Thank you, Nancy, for an insightful seminar. Your coming out to volunteer and assist the unemployed is probably one that struck me as the most meaningful of all matters discussed in the 2-hour long seminar. None of the many how-to and self-help books on job search would have communicated it any better. ”

“I have attended two of your workshops and you are amazing. You are organized and you share your information freely.”

“Thank you so much for telling your story. It was truly inspiring.”

“Thank you for your time last night. I’ve been avoiding preparing a resume, and you helped me face some facts.”

“I want  you to know how much I appreciated your program on helping the age 40+ workers search for employment.  It is heart-rending to know how many people are out of work or fearing the loss of a job.  Your presentation was both informative and positive, and I know that the participants left with a new outlook and the tools to get started on their search.”

“Thank you very much for presenting the three-part series on careers and job search skills that you presented here at the Red Bank Public Library on July 28, September 29, and October 27, 2010. Your expertly prepared and presented workshops informed and inspired the participants. Many thanked the library for the presentations and wanted to know when you will be returning.” Jane Eigenrauch, Red Bank Public Library.

“Thank you again for delivering such a wonderful program. You provided our patrons with such wonderful information and resources. I feel that it was far and away, the best Career Workshop that we’ve hosted here at the Library.” Barbara Hand, Ridgewood Public Library.

I brought my newly-retired husband, age 56, to your presentation “Job Search for the Age 40-plus” last night and we were both impressed! You were professional, encouraging and informative. I consider my 90 minutes well-spent, because I learned something from you that will hopefully result in a more positive job-hunting experience. I also appreciate your promptly e-mailing us the materials, as promised.”

“You have lifted my spirits Nancy and given me hope that I WILL find a job. Thank you.”

“The time flew in your session. You are a wonderful facilitator!”

“The tools you provided today are priceless.”

“If I had a barometer of my motivation after todays class, it would be off the charts!”

“Thank you for your presentation. The interview tools you provided and your book proved to be invaluable.”

“I loved your class.”

“Nancy’s program was excellent, thank you Somerville Public Library.”

“Excellent speaker, very knowledgeable, great personality.”

“I learned many things for my future.”

“Thank you so much Nancy! I just read the program evaluations and everyone loved you. Your work is priceless and you are wonderful at what you do. I think we helped a lot of people today and I hope we can work together in the future.”

Organizational Feedback

“Nancy brings several attributes to development and delivery of training that make her an incredible asset. Nancy is constantly thinking about how to make the program real and meaningful for the participants. Whatever the content of the session, she creates examples and tie-ins that engage the participants. When Nancy delivers training, she is always watching and adjusting pace so that participants get the most out of the session. One of the qualities that management literature cites as being important to leaders is authenticity, I think authenticity is also important in training and Nancy is completely authentic in her delivery.” Company President

“I have observed Nancy’s considerable skills as a trainer and a course designer. As a participant in classes Nancy designed and facilitated, I was impressed with her unique ability to reach her audience. She has a talent for making detailed concepts easy to understand. She does this through her creative design and her lively facilitation style. Nancy also emphasizes the practical application of the material which is a critical component of adult learning.” Company CEO

“Nancy’s greatest talent is her ability to connect with her audience. She loves training and it shows. Her trainees respond with equal enthusiasm.” Company CEO

“Nancy Anderson is a wonderful partner who truly cared about the development of associates through robust training. Her vibrant personality came across in her training which made employees more relaxed and open to the learning process.” IT Director

“Nancy is an extremely gifted and professional facilitator and trainer. She has the business and industry experience that lends credibility when working in the training field. Overall, Nancy is delightful to work with, always respectful in her dealings with others and she has the highest level of ethics and integrity.” CEO

“Nancy is a creative and innovative training professional. She actively engaged in a three-way communication with her participants, the training department, and company leadership to make training a strategic tool.” Compliance Manager

“Nancy is a polished and approachable professional with significant experience in course and curriculum design, corporate classroom instruction, motivation, coaching, mentoring and strategic program design”. IT Manager