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All of our programs are highly interactive and include worksheets, tips, follow up activities and on-line resources. Any program can be customized to the individuals or organizations particular outplacement needs. A sampling of our sessions include:

Creating a Winning Resume and Cover Letter

Creating a Winning Resume provides the tools needed to design a specific, fresh, focused resume and accompanying cover letter. Participants focus on their skill sets and identify the proficiencies listed in job search listings. This interactive program is hands on and all participants leave with a tool kit of valuable resources.

Interviewing for Success

This session focuses on the three major types of interviews; networking, telephone and face-to-face. The participants will practice interviewing using their own skill sets. Interview flow and anticipated questions are also reviewed.

Networking Skills 

Recent reports show that in 70-85% of the time, people find a job through Networking. Also, over 70% of job listings are not posted! Learn the skills of proper social and personal networking during this fast-paced, interactive program. Participants will learn the Do’s and Don’ts of Networking, design an “Elevator Speech”, practice networking skills and create a list of networking contacts. They will also be provided with a listing of the various tools and sites to get started in Networking.

Interviewing for Veterans (New Program!)

This program looks at the steps a veteran can take before, during and after an interview in the civilian job market. There a number of valuable resources and tools especially designed to assist our nation’s heroes with his or her job search.

Creating a LinkedIn Profile 

Most employers automatically turn to LinkedIn to research potential job candidates.  In addition, a recent poll showed that 89% of companies planned to recruit through LinkedIn. Like the lottery expression that says, “You gotta be in it to win it!” this program takes you through the steps needed to design a strong, complete LinkedIn profile. You will create an accounting of your work experience including a Summary Statement, Experience, Skills, Education, and Outside Activities. You will also learn the technique needed to be seen on the first three pages of a LinkedIn People Search and you will create an invitation for a LinkedIn connection.

You will need to bring a laptop or tablet to the session.

Career Assessment

Sometimes a career change is desired or necessary. This session focuses on the steps to follow when changing careers. It includes worksheets, assessments and the tools to get started.

Job Search Skills for the Age 40+ Worker

Targeted to the age 40+ job seeker, this program focuses on the skills that have changed in the job search process. Included are resume, interviewing, and networking techniques. The effective use of social media will also be reviewed.

Job Search Skills for Moms

This session looks at planning, preparing and creating a job search. Topics include career assessment, networking strategies, identifying skill sets including transferable skills, designing a resume, interviewing techniques and identifying job opportunities.

Job Search for the Young Adult 

This program looks at the application process and writing an initial resume. The participants look at the scholastic and outside activities contributing to their skill sets and design a one page resume. Discussion also focuses on personal presentation, communication skills and interviewing.

You Lost Your Job, Now What? (New Program!)

This program looks at all the steps needed for a productive job search. It includes career assessment, resume and cover letter preparation, interviewing and networking. It also includes a piece on understanding the change that comes with job loss and learning to move forward successfully. This program comes with worksheets and activities.

Envision Your Future (A Vision Board Program for Teens) (New Program!)

In this program, pre-teens and teenagers will have an opportunity to visualize what they would like their lives to look like as young adults. They will then design a vision board to help clarify and focus on that specific life goal. All the tools needed to create the board will be provided.

We also provide individual resume writing and outplacement coaching services. This includes resume/cover letter/LinkedIn preparation, career assessment and interview readiness. The cost to design an entry level resume or LinkedIn profile is $400.00. Pricing for more advanced job seekers is slightly higher. Coaching sessions are $100.00 per one hour session. The cost for training sessions vary.

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